Shay Segal;
[Creator, Creative Technologist]
AR Thing
Control a digital character in the real world using 3D scanning to capture the physical environment
Concept Design, 3D & Code
Tangible Cube
Experience the amazing possibility of jointly interacting with digital abstract objects in the physical world
Concept Design, Art & Code
Space Editor
Resight Engine includes a real-time scanning app that enables full interaction between the physical and digital
Concept design, UX & 3D

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THE cloud

THE dog

the figure

Random Experiments

Keter Rage
An anger-releasing game where you can safely vent your frustrations without hurting anyone
Concept Design, 3D & Code
Other End
A 3D open-world game offering endless exploration and a journey of freedom, friendship, and animal rights
Concept design, Art & Code
AR Submarine
An augmented reality experience with coloring pages and sound, created for my nephew
Concept Design, Art & Code

Work Experience

As a one-person studio, I like to juggle multiple projects at once and constantly seek out new technologies to learn and improve upon. But when I'm not holed up in my room working on stuff, I also hold down a real job

Microsoft (Past)
Product Expert
Haaretz (Past)
Product Designer/Manager
Resight (Present)
Head of XR
Shenkar (Present)