Resight Engine;
All of Resight's products are based on Resight Engine, which is the company's core technology. Resight Engine utilizes computer vision algorithms to understand and interact with the physical world via camera input. Functioning seamlessly within Unity, Resight Engine enables creators to develop immersive AR experiences that seamlessly blend digital content with the real world, allowing multiplayer interaction. My role primarily involved technical work in Unity, including system design, end-to-end flow implementation, and creating demo applications to assist other creators in kickstarting their AR projects.
Resight Engine
In order to make the plugin more user-friendly for Unity users, I designed it with demos that serve as templates for original projects. These demos come with pre-designed assets I created in Blender, which give users a head start in their projects. The events in these demos are intentionally simplified to demonstrate how easy it is to use the system with straightforward "drag and drop" operations.