They Come in Colours;
"Yozrim Tikva" is a social campaign initiated by the tech company Monday to instill hope into Israeli society after the events of October 7th. I was privileged to be invited by Monday to participate along with 20 other individuals, including artists and  survivors of the Hamas attack.

During the campaign, our collective works were displayed on billboards throughout the country. My work was prominently showcased in seven key locations, including the Ayalon Highway.

The campaign culminated in an exhibition curated by the organizers in Tel Aviv. The exhibition is still on display, currently located in Netivot, enriching communities in southern Israel.

I drew They Come in Colours in one sleepless night after the release of hostages Sharon Aloni-Cunio, her daughters Emma and Yuli, and Mika Engel. Life sometimes presents unanticipated symbols, and I wanted to highlight that. Out of destruction and hardship, something unforeseen suddenly appears that illuminates the possibility of beautiful things.