In Whalesong's gaming experience, players embark on a journey into the depths of the sea, guided by the enigmatic voices of whales. As part of the adventure, players must decipher the melodies to aid in uniting the whale pod and ultimately guiding them to their destined sanctuary.

The ultimate destination in Whalesong is the mythical Sanctuary of the Ethereal Depths. This sacred haven is a utopian underwater realm, shrouded in mystery and guarded by the wisdom of the ancient whales. It serves as a sanctuary for all marine life, a place where harmony reigns supreme, and the delicate balance of the oceanic ecosystem is preserved.

Deciphering the intricate language of the whale song is a central aspect of gameplay in Whalesong. Players combine visual cues, audio patterns, and environmental clues to unravel the meaning behind each melodious note. Through keen observation and intuitive interpretation, players gradually unlock the secrets hidden within the melodies of the whales.

Whalesong is a work in progress for a personal project.
Blender 3D
  • Create a captivating narrative experience that fosters empathy towards marine life through rich storytelling and emotional character development.
  • Design a gameplay that is easy to learn yet offers depth, balancing accessibility with complexity to engage players of all skill levels.
I began this project by crafting the storyline, with the goal of creating a narrative that aligned with my vision. As the storyline took shape, I utilized Blender to construct a 3D virtual world. Every stroke and polygon I added brought the world to life, paving the way for the next phase of the game.
Drawing inspiration from numerous YouTube videos about whales, scientific articles, and the song “Farewell to Tarwathie” by Judy Collins, who featured real whale sounds, I created custom shaders to enhance the game's visual experience.

I aimed to create an immersive ambiance that would amplify the beauty of the whale songs. Infusing the game with faded colors, I sought to emulate the ethereal quality of the ocean depths, where sunlight filters through the water, casting reflections on the surrounding environment. The gentle sway of marine life, coupled with the sun's reflection, creates an immersive sensory experience beyond digital reality. 

In Whalesong, players not only dive into the depths of the sea but also have the opportunity to explore the serene beauty of the outside world. Despite the apparent dichotomy between the interior and exterior environments, there exists an aesthetic connection that binds them together, imbuing each moment with a sense of harmony, and hinting at the unity behind all things.
The melodies of the whales play a crucial role in shaping the game, and I am currently dedicating significant effort to perfecting this aspect of the project.

To be continued 💖